Jawad Ul Haq

M.Sc. Student 

10-361 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
9211 116 St NW
AB T6G 1H9

E-Mail: jawad@ualberta.ca

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Jawad received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Univerosty of Engineering and Technology in Taxila, Pakistan, in 2014. He is currently pursuing his M.Sc. in Engineering Management at the Univeristy of Alberta and graduated in January 2019.

Research Focus

Jawad’s research interests were in the field of Design and Controls. The increase in demand and growing needs have made the manufacturing industry a lot more competitive and challenging in terms of design, controls, and cost. His Master’s research involved devising an integrated framework to handle aforementioned industrial challenges. The project details were:

Design and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Quad Rotors 

  • Dynamic model of a quad rotor is explained (dynamics, kinematics & physics)
  • 3D modeling of a quad rotor is done via computer-aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA)
  • A PD controller is designed
  • A 3D simulation environment is created in MATLAB
  • Steady state error associated with PD controller alleviated with PID controller design

Semi-Automated Wood Framing Machine

  • Automation realization through code development in Schneider Modicon TM251MESE using Sequential Function Chart (SFC) and Structured Text (ST) in SoMachine
  • HMI development in Schneider Electric’s Vijeo Designer
  • SMC EX500-GEN2 EtherNet/IP compatible fieldbus system is integrated to i) power sensors, pneumatic valves, and ii) communicate associated status values with the PLC
  • Developed code to integrate Schneider Lexium Mdrive and SMC LEFS16A-300 motors into system

Multifunction Bridge

  • Developed a detailed logic of a machine which consists of:
  1. Initial calibration
  2. Recipe manager
  • Actuation of carriages to perform the desired operation as per the recipe file
  1. Three layered safety plan in case of failure or abnormal scenario
  2. Homing sequence of actuators for next series of operations
  • Equipment selection and vendor management.
  • Power calculations.


Haq, J., Qureshi, A., and Al-Hussein, M. “A complexity model for measuring controls complexity.” International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing. (Submitted for Publication)

Jawad Haq, Ahmed Qureshi, and Mohammed Al-Hussein. Cost and assembly considerations in designing for electrical control systems. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. (Submitted for Publication)

Jawad Haq, Ahmed Qureshi, and Mohammed Al-Hussein. Design of a saw cutting machine for wood and aluminum. Conference Paper: International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO), 2018.

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