The Laboratory is part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Alberta. Our research interests are centered around the areas of Additive Design and Manufacturing with applications towards Design and Manufacturing, Process Improvement, Manufacturing System Development, Biomedical Engineering, Computer-aided Design, Oil and Gas, and Industrial Automation. These are divided into following main research categories:

Additive Manufacturing:
Variation management in FDM-based manufacturing processes, tolerancing for additive manufacturing, design for bioprinting, and 3D scanning.

Tolerance analysis and optimization, as well as uncertainty management in manufacturing.

Design Theory & Methodology:
Transdisciplinary design processes, cognitive aspects of transdisciplinary design, and automation through a quantitative design process.

Sustainable Design:
Lifecycle-based design, robustness in early design concepts, robust design, virtual prototyping, design for X, and design for the developing world.

Autonomous multi-rotor platforms for payload deployment, as well as model-based design.

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